Our People are our Power

We’ve always endeavoured to attract and retain the best talent in the world to our staffing workforce. In 2017, this changed from an endeavour to a formal, organization-wide strategy when we began the development of our human resources strategy.

Strengthening our Leadership

At the international secretariat in Bonn, we hired two new leadership positions: Chief Operating Officer, Frank Harnischfeger, and Chief Knowledge Officer, Michael Marus. In addition, we brought in Chief Marketing Officer, Jeremy Harrison to replace Marcelle Peuckert, who left us in 2016.

In addition, Mark Smith joined FSC’s Investments & Partnerships as Chief Development Officer and Head of Investments and Partnerships.

Globally, we developed an all-encompassing management structure to ensure we have the required centralized leadership function complemented by voices from each of the world’s regions and our national offices

FSC Global Management Structure

Structuring for Change

At the same time, we underwent a structural change in the global secretariat in Bonn, with a new structure to enable more focus on the engagement of FSC members and stakeholders. In addition, some functions were combined into one unit, and other new functions were formally emerging.

FSC Global Organization

New FSC Offices

A Polish office was re-established and became operational quickly, with a new website to serve a large number of certificate holders in Poland.

FSC also established new representatives in Lithuania and in the sub-region of Greater Mekong, so that the local certificate holders, members and other stakeholders are served more efficiently. Lithuania was established as part of a wider plan to consolidate operations in the Baltics sub-region.

Digital Solutions

A number of new digital solutions were released in 2017 to improve our engagement with our stakeholders. These include: