Partnerships for Change

Certification is just one tool in the box of solutions against forest destruction, and it cannot work alone. We need to tackle forest protection from all angles, working hand in hand with business, governments and other stakeholders.

Vancouver Declaration

The Vancouver Declaration was launched as a promise made by organizations around the world to work towards meeting UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by sustainably sourcing forest products. It also acted as an endorsement of FSC as the supplier of choice for certification of forest products. Supporting the Vancouver Declaration is a clear statement by organizations that they are invested, committed and passionate about the future of our forests and planet.


WWF and the Vancouver Declaration

We spoke to Julia Young, manager of WWF’s Global Forest and Trade Network (GFTN) in the UK about why she feels it’s important that businesses support sustainable forestry and the Vancouver Declaration. Read the interview…

IKEA and the Vancouver Declaration

We spoke to Mikhail Tarasov, Global Forestry Manager at IKEA, about why he felt it’s important that we join together to support sustainable forestry and the Vancouver Declaration.
Read the interview…

The Bonn Initiative

To coincide with the 23rd United Nations Conference on Climate Change, held in Bonn, Germany, FSC combined forces with IKEA and SIG Combibloc on a path to demonstrating how FSC-certified forests mitigate global warming and fight climate change. The Bonn Initiative captures the organizations’ commitment to develop scientifically rigorous methods to measure the climate-related benefits ‒ such as improved carbon sequestration ‒ of FSC-certified forests.

Partnering with our Stakeholders

In 2017, FSC and UPM, the Finnish forest-based bio-company, signed a promising global strategic partnership. Together, they intend to develop solutions for advancing the uptake of FSC in the market, while delivering benefits to Finnish forest owners through certification.

In South Africa, FSC entered into a partnership with Woolworths to increase the local market for sustainably sourced products.