Maintaining System Integrity

The integrity of the FSC system is at the core of everything we do, because without it, we would fail in our mission. To address misleading and false claims in the FSC system, our international Board of Directors approved a new set of actions to complement our chain of custody standard. The actions included a range of procedures – from transaction verification to testing of wood fibres – to ensure the integrity of the FSC system continues to be strengthened as we grow.

Addressing Misleading Claims

To address misleading claims, the following activities were put in place:

  • Rapid transaction audits by Accreditation Services International (ASI);
  • ASI-initiated investigations performed by certification bodies; and
  • Randomized, obligatory wood fibre testing of products.

In 2017, investigations were conducted in six value chains which led to 39 suspensions or terminations of certificates.

Taking Care of Trademark Infringements

2017 saw FSC handling 57 trademark infringements, and closing most of these.

Using Forensics to Strengthen Supply Chains

FSC is the most trusted forest certification scheme and we take the credibility of our system seriously.

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