Expanding our Services

Through engaging with forest owners, producers, retailers and others, we are making connections between new markets and incentives that more accurately reflect the true value of forest ecosystems. This means putting in place new forest tools to reward responsible forest management.

Ecosystem Services

FSC has been taking care of the world’s forests for over two decades, helping to ensure that forests and their ecosystem services are responsibly managed. Building on existing world-renowned certification, we are developing new tools that will show businesses, investors, and governments that these natural benefits are being preserved, and will reward participating FSC certificate holders for doing so.

In 2017, FSC delivered two major milestones towards the full rollout of ecosystem services:

  • The completion of the 5-year ForCES (Forest certification for ecosystem services) project. The project, funded by UN Environment with a grant from the Global Environment Facility, aimed to explore how FSC’s standards could be adapted to support the emerging markets for ecosystem services. Pilot tests were held in Chile, Indonesia, Nepal and Viet Nam. Successes included site certification, development of draft FSC national forest stewardship standards, and testing business models for using FSC’s draft ecosystem services procedure to access market rewards. The final report and executive summary of the project is available for download.
  • Significant progress was made in the development of FSC’s ecosystem services procedure. A second round of pilot testing was conducted and two public consultations were held on the procedure and one on the first draft of FSC’s ecosystem services guidance. Both documents were published in the second quarter of 2018.

Helping Communities Improve Water Quality

On Chiloé Island, off the coast of Chile, the Mechaico community rely on rainwater captured in forested water basins.

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