Strategy 2: Increase the Market Value of FSC

A strong and growing FSC marketplace ensures that benefits are delivered to forests and the people that depend on them. When FSC certification is fully functional, providing assurance from the forest all the way to the consumer, it improves economies, increases social empowerment, and improves environmental quality in the forest while also satisfying a societal need.

The World's First FSC-Certified Restaurant Opens in Peru

ÁmaZ is a leading restaurant in Lima, Peru. Opened by world-renowned chef, Pedro Miguel, this is the first restaurant in the world to achieve FSC certification. All the wood used to build the restaurant and used to equip the restaurant comes from FSC-certified forests.

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Rapidly Increase Consumer Demand

We aim to substantially increase our promotion of FSC as a consumer brand.

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Maintaining System Integrity

The integrity of the FSC system is at the core of everything we do, because without it, we would fail in our mission.

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Expanding our Services

Through engaging with forest owners, producers, retailers and others, we are making new connections.

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Partnerships for Change

Certification is just one tool in the box of solutions against forest destruction, and it cannot work alone. We need to tackle forest protection from all angles.

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