Advance Governance and Engagement

Our decision makers are our members, each representing either social, environmental or economic interests. Everyone has a voice of equal importance and of equal decision-making power. This gives our members the chance to shape the future of FSC, and has led to continuous improvement in our certification scheme and governance of the organization.

Growth Makes us Stronger

As our membership grows, so does the strength of our democratic system. We were pleased to welcome 193 new members during 2017 and look forward to engaging with them in the coming years.

Ensuring Local Relevance

For our work to have an impact on the ground, we must consider the needs of our members at a regional level. To build on a series of regional meetings held towards the end of 2016, we held two regional meetings in 2017, and a global social chamber gathering too. The meetings were:

  • FSC International 2nd Global Social Chamber Meeting in Indonesia (1-4 February).
  • FSC International Africa Membership Regional Meeting in Gabon (24-25 April); and
  • FSC International Europe Membership Regional Meeting in Finland (15-16 May).

Reviewing the Way we’re Governed

To meet the needs of a growing organization, our members called for a review of the way we’re governed. A governance review working group worked on a number of proposals for governance reform in preparation for the FSC General Assembly in 2017. Several motions were passed, including one that requested the continuation of a governance review focus in the coming years.

The efforts of the working group are supplemented by ongoing member engagement.

The Ins and Outs of Good Governance

Ben Cashore, Professor of Environmental Governance & Political Science at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, describes the impacts, benefits and challenges of the FSC governance structure

2017 FSC General Assembly

In October, the 2017 FSC General Assembly drew attendees from across the globe and resulted in the passing of 15 motions. Many of these motions direct the way forward for important issues such as smallholder certification and the integrity of certification assessments.

2017 General Assembly Pictures

Keeping All Members in the Loop

As an essential part of our governance model, our general assembly ranks as one of our most important events. Because of this, we dedicate much of our resources to keeping members – both present at the GA, and following from a distance – informed about what goes on there.

Our Board is our Driving Force

The minutes of the Board meetings are available for members in the governance section of the members’ portal at