Strategy 1: Strengthening our Framework and Governance

This strategy sets the stage for all our work: it deals with the streamlining of our standards and increasing consistency across our work, while we work towards improving our governance and developing new forest solutions. These are all high benchmarks to reach, and we’re proud that we set ourselves on the right path in 2017.

Leading the Race for the Survival of the Cheetah

Harvesting native bush to produce an FSC-certified fuel log called Bushblok is a crucial leg in the race to save Namibia’s wild cheetah from extinction.

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Streamlining our Policies and Standards

We’ve learned a lot in our 24-year history. One of our learnings is that we need to be more cost-effective and outcome-oriented to be of value to our certificate holders.

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Increase Quality and Consistency in Practice

Improving the quality and consistency of our standards is an important step in strengthening our certification scheme. Improving the application of these standards is just as important.

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Advance Governance and Engagement

Our decision makers are our members, each representing either social, environmental or economic interests. Everyone has a voice of equal importance.

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Deploy New Solutions

To continue to be pioneering in our approach to new solutions, and to stay ahead of the changing needs of the forestry and certification industries, we are committed to further engaging Indigenous Peoples in our work.

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