Delivering on Commitments

In 2015, we spent almost a year talking with members, staff and other stakeholders crucial to FSC’s success. We used that information to work with our international Board of Directors to draft a strategy to take FSC successfully to 2020 and beyond. The strategy was built on the desire and willingness to look at our work of the previous 20 years, celebrate our successes, acknowledge our weaknesses, and take bold steps to improve and innovate our system.

This report provides an overview of what we achieved, and what we learned, in 2017.


FSC will promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests.


  • A new forest paradigm realized.
  • The true value of forests is recognized and fully integrated into society worldwide.


  • Increased focus on outcomes
  • Empowerment of people
  • Mission advancement through alliances
  • User orientation


  • Strengthening our Framework and Governance
  • Increase the Market Value of FSC
  • Transform the Way we Work

Strategy 1: Strengthening our Framework and Governance

This strategy sets the stage for all our work: it deals with the streamlining of our standards and increasing consistency across our work, while we work towards improving our governance and developing new forest solutions. These are all high benchmarks to reach, and we’re proud that we set ourselves on the right path in 2017.


Strategy 2: Increase the Market Value of FSC

A strong and growing FSC marketplace ensures that benefits are delivered to forests and the people that depend on them. When FSC certification is fully functional, providing assurance from the forest all the way to the consumer, it improves economies, increases social empowerment, and improves environmental quality in the forest while also satisfying a societal need.


Strategy 3: Transform the Way we Work

To deliver on the Global Strategic Plan 2016-2020, we took a long, hard look at how we worked, both within the international secretariat, and with our affiliated offices around the world.


Words of Welcome

FSC thanks the following partners for their ongoing support during 2017, and our general assembly sponsors and supporters. Our work in promoting responsible management of the world’s forests would not have been possible without:


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We celebrated another year of growth and progress: